De Montfort University’s Art Collections contain over 800 artworks that mirror the variety of practices and passions of DMU staff and students from the 1900s to date. The range reflects a multi-faceted approach to collecting: buying new works for new buildings, legacies from lecturers, donations made by visiting and associated artists or alumni and award winning student and staff work.

Leicester School of Art was founded to teach art and design and promote the fine arts. De Montfort University continues to reflect its early institutional aim through its Art Collection. Artworks by staff and students have been added to by works of artists such as Bridget Riley, Estelle Thompson and Sir Peter Blake connected via contemporary teaching and research.

Professor Nicholas Zurbrugg was Professor of English and Cultural Studies at DMU from the late 1990s to early 2000s. His academic and artistic legacy to DMU is a unique collection of Fluxus and Concrete Poetry prints and artwork. This collection together with art by artists of international and national interest has been given his name and is known as the Zurbrugg Collection. For more information: Zurbrugg Collection

The Christopherson Collection includes staff and student work and in particular award winning work from graduates judged to have produced the best and most innovative work from a range of art and design courses, 2006 to date. For more information: Christopherson Collection

Artwork from both strands of the collections is displayed in all buildings on campus, used in exhibitions, teaching and research.

For further information and/or to view the collections, please contact Katie Wilkes,