Still from The Directors: Mark, Marcus Coates (2022)

The Directors

Marcus Coates

9 March to 3 May 2024

The Directors is a collaboration between artist Marcus Coates and five individuals with lived experiences of psychosis. Following a prolonged period of research and development, each directed Coates in a film where he attempted to enact their experiences.

Mark Banham, Lucy Dempster, Anthony Donohoe, Marcus Gordon, and Stephen Groves each chose a place of significance where they directed Coates to play themselves as they voiced instructions off camera.

The Directors seeks to establish a creative and reciprocal dialogue between Coates and each director; a shared attempt to describe and understand the individuality and complexity of their experiences. For both Coates and the directors, initiating this empathetic process was motivated by a need to share the directors’ stories, together with the necessity to confront and reduce public stigma around psychosis.

The Directors is produced by Artangel and commissioned with Art Fund Support. Supported by Artangel’s Guardian Angels. With special thanks to The Executive Producers. The Directors is part of The Artangel Collection, an initiative to bring outstanding film and video works, commissioned and produced by Artangel, to galleries and museums across the UK.


Westcotes Studio 54
9 March to 6 April 2024

The films The Directors: Lucy and The Directors: Anthony are both being shown offsite at Westcotes Studio 54 in the heart of Leicester’s West End. The films have been selected for their relevance to young people and reflect the gallery’s proximity to mental health care providers.

30 Westcotes Studio 54 54 Westcotes Drive Leicester, LE3 0QR
Wednesday to Saturday 12pm – 4pm


To view all the films and further resources go to www.whatsgoingon.org.uk