22 May to 8 June, 2024

ShrineShare & RangKnit

Leicester Gallery are proud to present two overlapping exhibitions inhabiting the same space. On the walls of the gallery is ShrineShare, a group exhibition curated by UK based artist, David Blandy, Malaysian based artist Sharon Chin and writer Zedeck Siew looking at the notion of the shrine in the 21st century. On the floors are the rugs of Poojah Shah, crafted objects that draw on her Southern Asian heritage to present pools of hospitality and warmth in the hard space of the gallery. The two small exhibitions layered on top of each other draw talk to each other about spaces of the domestic and the divine and where they intersect.    


Amze Emmons  / Arif Rafhan  / Bethany Balan / Betti Stong / David Blandy / Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley / Daniel Locke / Hardeep Pandhal  / Jamie Oon Muxian / Jesse Joy  / John Powell-Jones/ Nadhir Nor / Petra Szemán / Ruangtup Kaeokamechun  / Rupa Subramaniam  / Shaifuddin Mamat

Curated by David Blandy, Sharon Chin and Zedeck Siew 

What do we hold sacred in times of crisis? ShrineShare is a collection of drawn works by six UK and ten Malaysian artists to share their visions of sacred shrines—be they ancient, personal, or imagined. From an arcade cabinet to a lonely rock cairn to a collection of talismanic artefacts from the artist’s studio. 

Supported by British Council’s Connections Through Culture programme. & Creating new arts & cultural partnerships between East Asia & the UK.

Poojah Shah

Poojah Shah’s practice, which she describes as RangKnit draws together two cultural practices: Rangoli and Knitting to create a series of extraordinary rugs. ‘Rang’ is borrowed from ‘Rangoli’, meaning a row of colours; whilst ‘knit’ represents a contemporary approach to ‘Knitting’. The way of working was developed in response to the artists questions; ‘What is the meaning of home’ and ‘how can a migrant build one?’. The rug embodies domesticity, a small space of home associated with nomadic cultures that would be rolled up and moved to the next destination. 


More information can be found on ShrineShare at: www.davidblandy.co.uk/shrineshare-info
mor information can be found on RangKnit: Home | RangKnit