Found in Translation

MA Fine Arts Degree Show

9th-16th September 2023

This year’s MA degree show celebrates the work of 9 graduating students, showcasing a range of contemporary art practices, including painting, film, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Found in Translation, echoes multi-concept work and expands contemporary practice but, more specifically, language, language as a method of communication, communicating ideas, but also within the cohort itself. Many of the practising artists originate from a global stage, brought together by a shared concept of developing their contemporary practice. These globalised ideas are mirrored within the work, diverse in nature, aesthetics and agency but connected by a shared bond and understanding, which allows the group to exhibit a sense of homogony, a state of unification.

Ella Astill

Explores agricultural identity through the physical and emotional intersections between industry, environment, and farming culture, by reproducing processes and imagery found on the family farm, such as sheep paths. This acts as a testament to the cyclic and historical nature of these symbiotic practices, and their impact as visual signifiers of agriculture and the rural British landscape. Ella seeks to represent the cultural importance of these relationships, but also their loss as economic and current political pressures encourage the intensification of agriculture and urbanisation of the countryside.

Juan Chen/ Jo-Jo

Explore the contradictions faced by modern women between their sense of self and the traditional roles assigned to them by society. Deconstructing and restructuring through colour, form, and space in search of visual uncertainty.

Pasha Kincaid

…taking the body in with me today. This body has been with me for a long time now, 9 months in the womb, 50 years, and 8 months, roamed and seen and danced, and strutted, thundered, shuddered, opened, closed, yes, she will come with me today as she always has done.

David Manns

Kitbashing and collaging with recycled and found engine parts brings a nostalgic experience of cinematic science fiction.

Rhett McMorran

We take a walk into a euphoric atmosphere of bohemian whimsy; charming characters exploring the art of dance in a musical-lit world. The space is for creative inspiration to morph into one craft, taken from that of writing, art, and music. Mental imagery extracted from the lyrics of Bowie- “The sun machine is going down and we’re gonna have a party” (David Bowie, 1970, “Memory of a free festival”).

Onyinyechi Jennifer Omole

Introduces questions of feminism and the feminine via paint. whilst, celebrating the diverse culture and rich tradition found in African fabrics.

Sonu Chakkittayil Rejikumar

A series made in the style of mural paintings of Kerala investigating the meaninglessness of war and violence through time.

Raisa Watkiss

Finally, work that resonates with the demons that occupy the mind. Forgetfulness is brought on by anxiety that searches for cultural understanding, awareness of self, and place in the conflicting cultural dystopia of the postmodern condition. Suicide as both act and fantasy, self-harm in suicidal bliss, a series of films depicting fantasies and revisited moments in a yesterday that never became tomorrow. Each film utilises a length of red cloth, stitched together, presented as form, wave, and movement as a narrative of the journey and the site-specific.

Rui Zhang

The Exploration of environmental protection and human destruction of nature caused a devastating impact on animals, biological extinction, genetic variation, and disability within animals. Contemporary, pollution has become a hot topic. Oil pollution, industrial pollution, nuclear pollution, agricultural pollution and so on have brought great pressure on the earth and nature, and animals are also the victims.