The Christopherson Collection

Albert Edward Christopherson taught at the Leicester Municipal Technical and Art School in the Department of Drawing and Painting, Decoration and Design. He was made Head of the Department of Women’s Crafts, which taught embroidery, dress design, millinery, lace making and weaving. In 1935 Christopherson became Head of the Department of Industrial Design, which taught subjects including costume design, poster and sign art, illustration, engraving and stained glass. In his personal practice Christopherson focused on interior design, particularly retail and entertainment buildings. In 1956 he was made head of the new Department of Graphic Design, retiring in 1963.

His family bequeathed a substantial sum of money for the benefit of the De Montfort University Faculty of Art and Design. Since 2006, the Christopherson Fund has been used to collect a yearly ‘snap shot’ of excellence for all courses within the Faculty of Art and Design. The award winner’s work is selected and purchased for its innovation and creativity.

The Christopherson Collection has developed into a Faculty based working archive, a teaching resource and source for display. The collection strand also includes all staff and student work that is part of the overall Art Collections. Work by students and staff is displayed in buildings across campus all year round.