About us

Photography Jane Moorhouse

The Gallery provides a rich resource for DMU’s students and staff and many others beyond our campus with unique opportunities to participate in projects, and encounter world-class artists.

We are a cornerstone of cultural life within DMU and Leicester. Our work makes a significant contribution to the national and international art ecology.

Who are we?

Arts Curator

Hugo Worthy
Hugo is responsible for curating the exhibitions at The Gallery, De Montfort University.

Art Collection Co-ordinator

Kate Slovak-Wilkes
Kate oversees DMU’s art collection, including outstanding examples of Fluxus work and Concrete Poetry as well as the Christopherson Collection of student work.
For more information about the collection visit: http://thegallery.dmu.ac.uk/exhibitions/collections/

The Gallery’s objectives

Accessible: We will ensure The Gallery, The Screen programmes, and the infrastructure supports access to all.

Innovative: We will be at the forefront of gallery practice enabling us to work with key partners globally and ensuring the highest quality programmes.

Responsible: The Gallery will provide life enhancing opportunities and experiences for students, staff and the residents of Leicester. To sustain this, we will constantly strive to understand the needs of our users and audiences through evaluation and consultation.

Collaborative: We will build and nurture partnerships with key organisations locally, nationally and internationally to deliver outstanding programming.

Supportive: The Gallery will provide hands-on experience and mentoring for students and others interested in careers in the gallery sector.