Leicester Gallery Play

Come along to Leicester Gallery’s play and creative learning sessions at the heart of De Montfort University’s campus. Our sessions are completely FREE, welcoming and fun for all the family.

Let your family’s creative curiosities wonder!

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Open Play

Material and sensory led open play sessions, including our wonderful soft play in the gallery.

  • Sun 29th January – Sensory Boxes – 10.30am – 12pm
  • Sun 12th February – Mirroring – 10.30am – 12pm
  • Sun 26th February – Squishing Clay – 11am – 1pm

Aimed at 0 – 4 year olds.

Children’s Clothes Swap will be available at these sessions.

Email Morgan to join the Open Play session waiting lists.

Family Workshops

Our free family activities are designed to inspire imaginations, engage, challenge and spend some creative time making and exploring contemporary art as a family.

  • Sun 12th February – Reflections – 1pm – 3pm

Aimed at 3 – 10 year olds.

Children’s Clothes Swap will be available at these sessions.

Children’s Clothes Swap

It’s simple; take an item, leave an item. You don’t have to leave an item immediately to take one, simply drop off something when your little one has outgrown it in the future. Come together as a community to share clothes and the memories they hold, support each other to save money by not buying brand new whilst being more sustainable.

Available at all Open Play and Family Workshop sessions.

Spark Festival 2023

  • Clothing Dreams – Sat 18th February – 10.30am – 12pm

Finding creativity and fun in re-cycling our old clothes.

In this workshop we’ll draw & tell stories about the clothes we wear and dream about a new life for them and their future adventures when being re-worn and re-loved by someone new. Bring along a piece of clothing that’s too small for you now to use for the session and then we’ll add it to Leicester Gallery Play’s Children’s’ Clothes Swap to send it on its next adventure.

Aimed at 0 – 4 years old.

  • Clothing Memories – Sat 18th February – 1pm – 3pm

Finding creativity and fun in up-cycling our old clothes.

Do you have clothes that show the adventures you’ve been on in stains and marks? Bring them along with you to this workshop where we’ll colour in the memories with fabric pens, creating “memory outfits” and showcase your outfit on the gallery catwalk.

Aimed at 3 – 10 years old.

  • Clothing Fantasies – Sun 19th February – 10.30am – 12pm

Today is the day where children take ownership of their fashion fantasies. Before you come to this workshop, the children will decide who wears what. Open your wardrobe and the possibilities that come along with it. Dress unapologetically YOU. Step outside of reality and imagine the impossible of an alternative fashion world. Help us build a world where clothes have no rules, where you can dress and be whoever you want to be.

Aimed at 0 – 4 years old.

  • Clothing Enchantments – Sun 19th February – 1pm – 3pm

What superpowers does your clothes need?  Let’s enchant our outfits! 

Using the gallery as a dressing up box, we’ll add magic to our everyday clothes with sparkly foils, rainbow spaghetti sprinkles and silky fabrics. Then you’ll share your superpower outfit on the gallery catwalk.

Aimed at 3 – 10 years old.

Free Play with Clay packs for our family community in Leicester/shire. Get your hands messy and play with clay at home! You can squish it, bash it, roll it, flatten it, decorate it and join it to make something new and exciting. It starts off as a lump, but what will it become? If you look after your clay creation while it dries and return it to Leicester Gallery Shop, Morgan will have it fired and glazed for you to keep forever.