Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020

21st February till 18th April 2020

Welcome to the trinity Buoy Wharf DraWing Prize 2019 The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019 is an annual exhibition of drawings supported by the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust. Founded in 1994, the exhibition project celebrates the role and value of drawing within creative practice and provides a forum to test, evaluate and disseminate current drawing practice within the UK. The annual exhibition is open to all drawing practitioners in the UK who wish to submit drawings for consideration by the annually appointed selection panels.

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019 was selected by Chantal Jofe RA, artist; Andrew Nairne OBE, Director of Kettle’s Yard at University of Cambridge; and Dorothy Price, Author & Editor of Art History, Professor of Art History at University of Bristol. The Working Drawing Award was selected by Alan Baxter, Founder & Director of Alan Baxter Integrated Design and Angela Paola Squassina, Architect and Professor of Architectural Preservation at IUAV University of Architecture in Venice. The biennial Evelyn Williams Drawing Award was selected by David Alston, Trustee of the Evelyn Williams Trust; Liz Gilmore, Director of Hastings Contemporary; and Professor Anita Taylor, Director of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize.

Very special thanks are due to Eric Sorensen, Chairman of Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, his fellow Trustees, and Eric Reynolds of Urban Space Manage¬ment and his team, for their enthusiastic commitment to the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize. The Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, together with Urban Space Management, are determined to help creative and artistic endeavour to thrive and this purpose is clearly evident in the establishment of an extraordinary creative community and quarter that also includes the Royal Drawing School and The Big Draw at Trinity Buoy Wharf, and in their major support for the annual Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize. In 2019, we are also grateful to the Evelyn Williams Trust for their inspired support of a biennial award to support a mid-career artist to present a solo exhibition of new work, and to Hastings Contemporary for hosting this solo exhibition.

The 2019 exhibition includes 68 drawings by 62 artists and makers selected from 1,798 submissions. The drawings shortlisted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019 are by: Rachel Ara /Naomi Avsec / Jeanette Barnes /Philip Battley Jonathan Bennett / Jackie Berridge /Kate Black /Kurt Buckley / Martyn Burdon James Byrne / Lewis Chamberlain / Michael Doherty /Aisha Farr / Joana Galego Frances Gynn /Susie Hamilton /Oona Hassim /Clare Haxby / Mary Herbert Laura Hudson / Mandy Hudson /Neville Jermyn /Hero Johnson / Melissa Kime Marcus Leotaud / Michael Paul Lewis /Richard Lewsey /Andrew Litten Penny McCarthy /Eugene Macki / Derek Marks / Miguel Martin /Zara Matthews Molley May /Patrick Miller /Tamsin Morse Commins /Alice Motte-Muñoz Elizabeth Nast /Nimmi /Steve Payne / Julia Polonski /Caroline Pool Fiona G Roberts /Katya Robin /Karin Schösser / Mark Shields /Nicholas Sims Clare Smith / Mariota Spens /Paul John Taylor /Sally Taylor /Roma Tearne Patricia Thornton /Alberto Torres Hernandez /Shelly Tregoning / Jaime Valtierra Sanchez /Henry Ward /Steven Ward /Charmaine Watkiss / Jessica Wolfson Hannah Wooll /William Wright

This year’s prize winners are:

First Prize – £8,000 – Alice Motte-Muñoz

Second Prize – £5,000 –  Shelly Tregoning

Student Prize – £2,000 –  Philip Battley

Working Drawing Prize – £2,000 –  Jeanette Barnes

Evelyn Williams Drawing Award – £10,000 – Penny McCarthy


The Little Drawing Exhibition

21st February till 18th April 2020

The Little Drawing Exhibition celebrates the role of drawing in the development of children from birth to four years old. Some of the drawings are material play and some are clearly recognisable depictions of objects or people. They all have been created by very small children beginning to try and represent the world around them.

It is a playful, exuberant and joyous experience that they capture. These young artists have all produced beautiful work and we are immensely proud that they have chosen to exhibit their work here at Leicester Gallery.