The Geometry of Language

Philip Corner, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Timothy Hardman, Laura Holmes, Emily Anne Grimstead, Jasper Johns, Alison Knowles, Pasha Kincaid, Edwin Morgan, Bruce Nauman and Paul Neagu
until 10/04/21


This exhibition explores the ways in which artists have used writing and language as part of the vocabulary of visual art. The Geometry of Language draws on work held in the outstanding collections of Fluxus and Concrete poetry at De Montfort University. This collection of prints was brought together by Professor Nicolas Zurbrugg in the 1990s and included many major artists of the late twentieth century including Jasper Johns, Bruce Nauman and Alison Knowles. It is one of the key collections of its kind in the United Kingdom. Alongside works from the collection are four younger artists exploring ideas around language through their current work.

The project has been curated in collaboration with; Emily Anne Grimstead, Laura Holmes, Pasha Kincaid and Timothy Hardman.