Pursuits of Happiness

17 July – 1 September 2018

Antonio de La Fe / Andrew Gannon / Rebecca Hobbs / Edwin Li /  Anna Lucas / Bruce Nauman / Matthias Sperling / Hiraki Sawa

Pursuits of Happiness brings to life creativity and imagination, opening up a playground where everyone becomes a player. Including iconic board games and games of imagination, artworks and films,  the exhibition offers you the chance to explore physicality and interaction, to play with art and to let the unexpected rule.

Five artists have been commissioned to make games that invite collaborative and creative use of the gallery space. While Rebecca Hobbs explores within her practice the traces of interactions created through play, Andrew Gannon and Anna Lucas set new rules to initiate new conversations prompted by verbal instructions or visual guidance. Matthias Sperling and Antonio de la Fe bring performance into the space with their experimental approaches to dance.

The films of Edwin Li, Bruce Nauman and Hiraki Sawa shift the concept of game play onto the screen, presenting ideas of play where the rules are never made explicit.

Finally, popular board games can be played in the gallery along with action-based games illustrated on flashcards. Sounds from the films, voices and movements from the gallery, art and gameplay intertwine freely and shape the space around responding only to the wildest imagination. Now, how do you envision The Gallery?