The Little Drawing Exhibition Rules

The main rule is that you must be less than 4 years old to be in the competition.

Entries to the Little Drawing Exhibition are free and can be made at all our family workshops until Sunday 16th February 2019.
Each artist can submit up to three artworks.
Please double check you have put the correct information on your submission slip: Parent/Carer/Adult Name, Email Address, Artist Name, Artist Age, Artwork Name.

Mark the top of your artwork with cross on the back; our installation team can be silly sometimes and hang things upside down.
Your artwork is in great hands and we will look after it to the best of our ability, however it won’t be insured.

Selection Process and Prizes:
There will be three judges for Little Drawing Exhibition and all the artworks selected for the exhibition will be considered for exciting prizes. We will email your chosen adult’s email to let them know, please remind them to check their junk folder.

Leicester Gallery and De Montfort University will be taking fantastic photographs of the exhibition, for educational and publicity purposes only, so keep an eye out on our social media to see if you can spot your artwork.

Data Protection Policy: (This one is for mummy or daddy)
Any personal data that you provide will be processed in accordance with current data protection laws. It will be used by Leicester Gallery and our partners to deliver and improve services and fulfil our legal duties. We will not disclose any personal information to anyone else unless required or allowed to do so by law. Read more about how we use personal data in our privacy notice on our website:

Leicester Gallery requests only the information that is required to process and submit artwork to the Little Drawing Exhibition. By submission, you provide consent for Leicester Gallery, De Montfort University to collect your information.