One Year On

Until 3 July 2021

Brydie Teggert, Amber Jesson, Georgia Kinsella, Shannon Iero, Jarvis Brookfield, Alexandra Turner, Lewis Bridge, Lucy Naylor, Heather Bolton, Joeley Sutton, Kiryacos Panayiotou, Katherine Hernon, Antonia Jolley and Megan Cornhill

This exhibition celebrates some of the extraordinary work produced by class of 2020 from Art and Design Courses at De Montfort University after they graduated. This cohort are a year out of University and this exhibition gives a taste of their achievements during this time.

It has been a challenging year, but despite this, these artists and designers have been able to continue producing work that they are able to share with us here. We applaud not just the quality of the work, but the focus and resolve required to continue to practicing during these fraught times.

We are immensely proud at Leicester Gallery to be able to share this work with our visitors in our first full gallery exhibition since lockdown has eased.