fig-futures, WEEK 12/16

Kathryn Elkin
20 November – 24 November 2018

For the fourth and final fig-futures exhibition at The Gallery, De Montfort University in Leicester, Kathryn Elkin’s new project ‘On first impression’ will host a live video shoot of a series of staged tutorials with students of De Montfort Fine Art department, during the show’s opening event. The students and Elkin will take on multiple roles slipping between tutees, lecturer, actors, subjects and crew. Through its subject matter the work is firmly grounded in the context of the University.

The subsequent footage will then be cut into excerpts for presentation in the gallery through the run of the exhibition. The mutual vanities, fantasies and projections within the one-to-one tutorial will be teased out into a work that hopes to describe the madness and meaning within these exchanges.

As part of Elkin’s display the student collaborators will be showing their work that is the apparent subject of the mock tutorials.