fig-futures, WEEK 11/16

Annika Ström
20 November – 24 November 2018

For the third iteration of fig-futures at The Gallery, De Montfort University, Annika Ström presents her show ‘Six Errands’, where she will playfully explore the idea of the performance retrospective. She created her first performance work in Berlin in 1995, where she exhibited her mother in a gallery space for three days. Her mother who is not an artist did drawings of her daughter and then sold them. Since then, Ström has made several performances, including ‘Ten Embarrassed Men’ commissioned by Frieze Art Fair in 2010, ‘Seven women standing in the way’ at Focal Point Gallery (2015) and ‘The Inept Five’ at Corner House (2012). For fig-futures Ström will bring together five previously made performance works and create one new work specifically for Leicester. All performances will be choreographed to run concurrently throughout the launch night and a final coming together of the performers at the end of the event will constitute the sixth piece.