Anna Lucas, One Second Feature

Anna Lucas, One Second Feature, The Gallery, De Montfort University

A conversation about artists, collaboration and learning contexts
11am to 4pm
4 April 2019

This session is built around Anna Lucas’s installation One Second Feature at The Gallery, De Montfort University. The exhibition explores different strategies for collaborative practice much of which is embedded in the context of learning departments in museums and galleries or institutional settings.

The day will include both artist and institutional voices exploring models of collaboration. We will be looking at the particular opportunities and inflections that learning settings offer to artists working within them. Through the conversation we will track the ways in which this work influences wider practice for the artist and the institutions that host them.

Speakers include Becky Shaw, Anna Lucas, Alice Walton, Hamish MacPherson and Lisa Jacques

The event, taking place within Anna’s exhibition, has a limited capacity to ensure a convivial, conversational, collaborative experience throughout the event. Lunch will be served.

For further information or to book a place at the event please email