Daniel Sean Kelly and Hugo Worthy

Tuesday 18 August, 5pm, Live

Daniel Sean Kelly, Hugo Worthy

Daniel Sean Kelly, the curator of this programme will talk through his research around the role of universe creation and the fan and the significance of this work in our immediate context of widespread instability and a need for radical social change. This will be a live conversation streamed from Leicester Gallery.


Daniel Sean Kelly
Daniel Sean Kelly is an artist, curator and independent researcher based in Leicester. His current artistic and curatorial projects are concerned with the imagining of other realities through fiction, theory and image making, and the speculative potential for these practices in imagining adjacent realities and potential solutions.

Recent exhibitions include; Ground Zero Earth, Cambridge University, Cambridge; The Mirror Interrupts, Xero Kline and Coma, London; The Future, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, Coventry


The conversation will live online from 5pm, please RSVP to LeicesterGallery@dmu.ac.uk for a link to be emailed to you on the day or it will be accessible through Leicester Gallery’s website: thegallery.dmu.ac.uk