Our in person workshop programme has been paused till it’s safe to resume. We have moved our monthly events ‘offline’ so you can still play along at home with us using our activity sheets and packs.

Activity Sheets:

  • Family Workshop Online – Saturday 30th January 1pm-3pm
  • Open Play – Sunday 14th February 11am-1pm

Activity Packs:


(0-4 year olds)
To go along with out Circles Activity Sheet we have put together materials packs of all things circles in lots of fun colours and materials; circle coloured paper, circle tissue paper, balloons, string, foam circles. Share your circle creations with us!

Play with Clay

(Fun for all the family)
Free Play with Clay packs for our family community whilst the gallery temporarily closed. Get your hands messy and play with clay at home! You can squish it, bash it, roll it, flatten it, decorate it and join it to make something new and exciting. It starts off as a lump, but what will it become? If you look after your clay creation while it dries and return it to Leicester Gallery Shop, Morgan will have it fired and glazed for you to keep forever.
Get inspired with our Play with Clay workshop video. Click Here.


(Fun for all the Family)
They can be BIG or small and made by draping blankets over two chairs, stacking cardboard boxes or getting cosy with cushions under a table. What other materials can you find in home to build a den with?

Click on the activity pack you’d like to book one or email: morgan.stockton@dmu.ac.uk